Book: A Mind for numbers: How to excel at Math and Science

Today I finished reading the book A Mind for Numbers by Barbra Oakley, a book that I found on Amazon approximately 2 months ago. I stumbled upon this book when searching for test preparation materials to help me prepare for the math portion of GRE. After finishing this book I can confidently say, that I am now prepared to prepare for the GRE and have the necessary techniques embedded in my mind to learn anything.
A Mind For Numbers is essentially a guide that explores mechanisms to learn how to learn. Remember, as living beings we are always learning, regardless of the subject matter. Also as an engineer, I’m constantly learning new programming languages, concepts, and technologies and the book A Mind for Numbers provided detailed insight into techniques that will help not only learn but apply and maintain new technical areas that I am exploring. In addition, I also plan on implementing some of the techniques taught in the book into my daily work regimen.  For example, in chapter 6 of the book, Barbra discusses the Pomodoro Technique, a technique used to set and time small periods of activity without external interruption such as web browsing, texting, and social media. It is recommended that individuals set a timer for 25 minutes and accomplish a task uninterrupted. After completing that time period of uninterrupted activity, one should reward themselves for that effort with social media checks, texting, web browsing, or going for a walk.

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